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Ishababies cocochip girl


Ishababies cocochip girl Summary

 Ishababies® is one of the most fully multicultural, huggable friend lines currently available in the marketplace.
    Each Ishababie is made with a 100% super soft cotton exterior and is great to hold! In addition, each character is detailed with elegant simplicity. Ishababies®  10" Friends and accessories are all child-safe, lead free and have no buttons or hard surfaces . For that reason, they are suitable for all ages. Just give them a hug and youll see! 
    Isha (short for Aisha) means life. Ishababies® represent the uniqueness of each of us within the global  village. Each of the Ishababies® has his and her own special eye, hair and complexion color, without   representing any specific background or ethnicity. The soft sculptured babies come with fun mix-and- match clothes that reflect different walks of life.
 They are friends who reflect a childs imagination and individuality. They also help children of all ages see the possibilities, beauty  and values in themselves and the diverse world around them.

    Every person was born with a distinct look. We have come to believe that it has become commonplace 
    for people to undermine their natural attributes and talents to become “just like everyone else”.         
    but everyone should love the way they look and celebrate their unique beauty. At the same 
    time, we should also relish the fact that beauty comes in many different forms. 

    It is for this reason that each Ishababies®
flavor has been deliberately selected to relate to its look.  it is only by genuinely embracing and seeing the value of all people that  racism will one day come to an end.  

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