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Welcome to the world of AFROTOYS! We are very pleased to meet you!  We aim to provide BOOKS, DVD'S, TOYS and now JEWELLRY!  There are even fashion items and accessories!

 We love to find those multicultural products that should be available in all toy stores but might be a little harder to find and which encourage children to play and learn as well as build confidence about how they look and feel about themselves. We want our children to be proud of who they are and love themselves and they will learn this while they play with toys that reflect their faces, family and of course their friends! our children are growing up in a society with so many diverse faces and ethnic differences so they learn to embrace the people and images they see in ordinary life and when they play.  So should n't their toys reflect diversity too?    

Shopping with us will be both easy and pleasureable - and if there is ever any issue with your order please notify us and we will seek to deal with any queries as quickly as possible.  

     We will NEVER  be too big to play with toys!

You can also find us on facebook or for updates about any events or issues that we might be interested in!

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